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Our Food

Choice of hot and cold meals
Mum's & Dad's would love to shop the markets daily and fill their child’s lunch box with fresh creations that wow them.  But who’s got time for that … we have!  From our Nona's Spag Bol to assorted sandwiches, to our nourish bar, the little ones will feel like they’re right at home.  
Our local, field fresh ingredients are cooked in a home style by our chefs and the team daily.  Nutrition takes a front seat with our dietitian approved menu being low in salt, sugar and bad fats and completely free from nasty additives.

We're the special dietary experts!  Menus are nut, seafood and egg free, plus years & years of experience and complex, custom software means no one need miss out.  Ask us how?  
Made fresh daily with love
You won’t believe the range of food the kids will end up eating!  But it’s all done understanding that they love routine.

To support each development stage, there are menus for 3 different age groups: 6-9 months, 9-12 months and 1-5 years.  Each age group has 4 different weekly menus that rotate and update seasonally, exposing the kids to enormous variety. 

Once you choose 1 of the 4 Yummies Packages to suit your needs and budget, the choice is also yours for your lunch option: hot meals daily; cold meals daily; alternating; or a combination of hot and cold daily. 

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