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Our cheeky Banana and Blueberry Slice
mmm ... want some too?
Fab Food
Yummies for Little Tummies are so much more than catering for Childcare Centres.  We're a complete package of all things food - food provision, nutritional education and expert advice on food safety and requirements.
Don’t sit there wishing you’d grabbed something for yourself for lunch.  The Department of Health’s ‘Get Up & Grow’ recommends your staff and carers model healthy eating behaviours by sitting with children at mealtimes.  What better way than with Yummies' Staff Meals.
We make choosing Yummies for Little Tummies easy.  We’ve got handy helpers for everything.

Our Start Up Team and Start Up Pack ensure your first weeks 'breeze through' for your staff, parents and the kids.

And if you’re needing a Food Licence, we’ve got an expert helper and materials for that too.

Delivered direct to your pantry
Yummies General Store
Since you're ordering anyway, why not grab a few extra things from the Yummies General Store for early mornings, late afternoons, staff meetings or just a few staff amenities.
Yummies is here to make it as easy as possible for you.
Learning how to eat healthy
Life Long Lessons
We’re here to help you meet your quality standards in the area of nutritional education for you, the little ones and their parents.  Nutritious tips, clips and fun information are available each week.
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