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It’s not breaking news that too much salt (or Sodium) is not great for anyone, kids or adults. But do you know exactly how much salt is safe for children?

A refresher on Salt

“Salt” is made up of two minerals, Sodium and Chloride. 

It’s the Sodium part that can be bad for...

Nutrition Australia devotes Nutrition Week each year to the Tryfor5 campaign to try to convince Aussies to eat more fruit and vegetables. This year, for 2018, the focus is on making small changes, big gains.

But how does this apply when feeding young children who are st...

Do you suspect that your child has a food allergy or intolerance?

In Australia, food allergy affects 10% of children up to 1 year of age, 4-8% of children up to 5 years of age and 2% of adults. 

(Reference: Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy...

What do I do if my child was eating healthy and has now stopped? 

You’ve hastily (but lovingly) prepared your 18-month-old’s favourite dinner after a long day at work. She takes one narrow-eyed look at it and says “Yuck!” before sliding the bowl as far away from her as...

30 Jul 2018

Is it possible for kids to eat too much fruit?

Fruit is the perfect snack straight from nature. Fruits are naturally sweet, brimming with important vitamins and minerals and contains natural fibre for good gut health. 

Most kids love eating fruit, and some kids will eat...

27 Jun 2018

4 Easy NutritionTips To Grow Healthy Kids

We all want our kids to grow and be healthy. Itcan help to keep the end-game in mind,because feeding kids well becomeseasier if we providestructure and consistency. 

We asked Deb Blakley, Yummies’ nutrition co...

Do Too Many Carbs really Clog Kids Up?

Nothing is sure to strike fear in the heart of a parent than a child who can’t poo! Troublesome and relatively common, the causes of constipation in children are often tricky to pinpoint. Adding to the confusion are the many urban...

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Is it possible for kids to eat too much fruit?

30 Jul 2018

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