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About Yummies​
A healthy start that lasts for life is what we’re all about.  The Yummies for Little Tummies family love to nourish as many children as we can, helping them understand and enjoy the healthy way.
Mum’s would love to shop the markets daily and fill their child’s lunch box with fresh creations that wow them.  But who’s got time for that … we have!  From our ‘Not’ Fried Rice to our Passionfruit Hummingbird Slice, the little ones will feel like they’re right at home.
Huge variety of fresh fruit daily
Yummies for Little Tummies are so much more than catering for Childcare Centres.  We're a complete package of all things food - food provision, nutritional education and expert advice on food safety and requirements.

Our popular 'nut free' satay chicken