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Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken Pizza
COPY TEXT FOR YOUR POST. This morning our Greek Style Yoghurt is rockin' the kids' world! Super thick, low in sugar, and sooooo yummy! Somethimes it comes plain, but just love it when it's flavoured with pure pureed fruit (no added sugar). And we're 💚 loving local 💚 too...this calcium explosion is made from milk from the maleny region!
Greek Style Yoghurt With Fruit Puree
Explorer's Trail Mix
Classic Cottage Pie
Choc Beetroot Brownie
Chickpea Hot Pot
Muesli Munch
Ragu Bolognaise
COPY TEXT FOR YOUR POST Lucky little ones enjoy this veggie bomb for lunch today. You watch, they'll have grown by the time they're home 😂. Stuffed with veggies fresh from the Brissie markets and coated by a nutty satay sauce that is nut free! Our clever protein packed sunflower seed sauce tastes so satay.
Satay Vegetables
The Nourish Bar
Butter Chicken
Banana Blueberry Slice
Apple and Strawberry Slice
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